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דרושים הייטק וטכנולוגיה We are looking for excellent people to join us in developing a next generation product. As a Web Developer you will be responsible for designing UI-rich SPA, turning Zeplin designs to live web pages, implement non trivial logic on the client side, write unit tests and have a great impact on our product. You will work with top notch web technologies including: Angular7, Typeblocked, RxJS, scss, Webpack, Karma and Jasmine. REQUIREMENTS Senior (4+ years) level of hands-on experience in building scalable, highly-available, responsive web applications At least 2 years working with Angular2+/ React/ Vue. js Pro knowledge of Javablocked Expert understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 and fluent in turning graphic design to live web app BS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering,related domains. Alternatively, significant experience with production grade products Excellency record in army service / academic studies / prior roles A great team player and able to function in a fluid environment with minimal guidance and supervision Must be hyper pragmatic in solution ion and engineering approach Creative and passionate about building great user experience Bonus points Experience using modern Javablocked stack e.g. Webpack, Redux, scss, Jasmine Experienced with backend development (Go) Experienced with mappingnavigation products Familiarity with AWSan alternative cloud environment Prior work on internationalized, multi-language web apps Experienced in Agile methodologies and CI/CD processes תל אביב -יפו

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